Seeing the Unseen

I have spent my entire life exploring nature -- as a child losing himself in the woods to an adult searching for new terrains and ecosystems (sometimes still getting lost) -- and have experienced so many miracles, small and large. Until recently, I believed myself reasonably aware of my seeable surroundings, being able to peer …

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Birding Quiz

Which of these birds live year-round in Massachusetts? Great SheerwaterNorthern CardinalCrested CaracaraDovekie What species of bird is this? Which of these birds is not a raptor? Red-tailed HawkPeregrine FalconCommon NighthawkBald Eagle What type of bird is an Evening Grosbeak? What species of bird is not native to New England? Eastern BluebirdNorthern GannetSage GrouseSpruce Grouse Which …

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