Purple Gallinule Dreaming…

While we haven’t been posting much the past few weeks, having been sidetracked with the flu, school plays, and shoveling snow, birds have still been on our minds. Jackson is applying to a summer program with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology; Fiona developed a Seabird Identification App for a Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary service learning project; Bruce and Maura went for a hike through a foot of snow and were rewarded with a Hermit Thrush sighting, a new bird for the Big Year list; and we’ve all been daydreaming of Purple Gallinules, Wood Storks and Tri-colored Herons as Spring Break –and birding in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida–is right around the corner. Snickers, Taco, and their caretakers will be holding down the fort. Big Year Bird count as of today: 83. Big Year Vacation Goal: reaching 158.

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