The Search for Three Snows

Today we invited two of our friends to go birding with us. Once we had picked them up, we headed toward Plum Island to look for the three snows. The Snowy Owl, the Snow Goose, and the Snow Bunting. When we arrived we started our search.

Jackson, Will, Amelia, and I all walked up the stairs into a tower to get a better look at things, but no luck with that. So we decided to continue on our hike.

Then (a few minutes later), my mom signaled us all over to something. Someone told her that there was a snowy owl on the ice a good distance from us. We took out our binoculars and looked. We didn’t see anything at first, just a big blob of white that we thought was snow. We then realized that “blob” was the snowy owl when it had turned its head toward us. We were very excited!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is dsc_0427-2.jpg

After we took enough pictures of the Snowy Owl, we split up onto different trails. My friend Amelia, Jackson, his friend, Will and I went on the marsh trail. Bruce went on the dunes trail and Maura stayed to get better pictures of the owl. Amelia and I went onto the dunes trail afterward and heard a hooting noise, but unfortunately, we didn’t know what it was.

Near the end we went to look for some shorebirds on the Merrimac River in Newburyport. We had some luck there, seeing Buffleheads, a Common Goldeneye, and Long-Tailed Ducks. Then, when we were done, we decided to celebrate our finds at the Grog.


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