It’s Going to Be a Very Big Year

I think this is going to be a VERY big year…

January 1, 2019, kicks off our family Big Year.  Last year, Jackson (age 13), Fiona (age 10), Trish (grandmother), Maura (mom), and Bruce (dad) embarked on a big year. While we did well through May, we did not track as many birds as we’d hoped by the end of the year.  This year, 2019, we are committed to prioritizing our Big Year from January 1st through December 31st with the goal of seeing at least 250 unique species.

Day 1: We visited the North River and Daniel Webster Audubon sanctuaries in Marshfield, Massachusetts, and a marsh trail in Scituate, Massachusetts (with Trish visiting a few spots on the Cape before meeting us in Marshfield). With the weather in the 50s, we thought we would have a record-breaking day. However, the high winds kept us from spotting the birds enjoying the weather. Despite the blustery conditions, we got a good look at a juvenile Red-tailed Hawk, who seemed happy to pose for pictures, identified several species of woodpeckers, including a Red-bellied and Hairy (both at Daniel Webster), and spied an Evening Grosbeak in a tree at the North River Audubon. This was a great first impression on our Big Year. Altogether, we saw 32 birds on Day 1, some of which were enjoying the warm weather in ponds, lakes, marshes, fields, and forests/trees, or hopping around, looking for food on the ground.

Today was a wonderful day for our family birding experience.


2 thoughts on “It’s Going to Be a Very Big Year

  1. I love that your entire family birds together. We (myself, my wife, and our son) have been doing family Big Years since 2009 (not the traditional hardcore Big Years, but just getting out and birding whenever we can and recording everything we see). And we are also a three-generation birding family: my mom got me started when I was eight, and helped get my son started when he was nine.

    If you ever feel the urge to bird out in western Mass, I’d be happy to point you to some of our favorite places. Best of luck!


    1. Bruce Frost

      Thank you! We’ll definitely reach out to you. We have seen a lot of activity in the area of Lee, it seems. I look forward to reading your own posts.


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